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Alejandra Batista 06/11/2020

I Global Symposium UNISERVITATE. 29th October Sessions

I Symposium UNISERVITATE. 29th October Sessions

“I do hope that you will find some support in our reflections over the coming two days about the why, the what and the how of service-learning in our head”, Richard Brosse


Richard Brosse, Porticus.

Presentation of the UNISERVITATE Programme

María Rosa Tapia, Coordinator of the Programme, CLAYSS.

Conference: Service-learning: academic excellence and social engagement in Higher Education

María Nieves Tapia, CLAYSS.

Panel: Why a committed and supportive Higher Education today?

  • Miquel Martínez, University of Barcelona, UNISERVITATE Academic Sounding Board.
  • Bojana Culum, University of Rijeka (Croatia), TEFCE/CEE Service-learning Network, UNISERVITATE Academic Sounding Board.
  • Carol Ma, Singapore University of Social Sciences, Asian Service-learning Network.
  • Ignacio Sánchez Díaz, Rector, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.
  • Daniel Stigliano, Cátedras Scholas, Universidad del Sentido.

Moderator: Judith Pete, Tangaza University College, Kenia.

Greetings from the rectors of the Universities that coordinate the Programme’s regional hubs


Watch the second day sessions!



An ever-expanding
global network

UNISERVITATE is a global and networked programme that is established through a process of permanent development and the integration of new actors and institutions from a series of regional hubs strategically distributed around the world.