Mónica Sosa 20/05/2021


Deadline: July 30th

In the framework of its II Global Symposium, to be held on October 28-29, 2021, the UNISERVITATE Programme announces the Call for Abstracts and Papers under the theme “Service-Learning, Integral Education and Transformative Spirituality”, the submission of papers will consider the following axes of content:

  • Service-learning as a path of spirituality. 
  • Service-learning as a contribution to whole person education: hands, head, and heart. 
  • Service-learning: experiences and institutionalization processes.  

• July 30th: Deadline for the submission of proposals (extended abstracts)
• September 15th: Results of the evaluation of abstracts
• October 15th: Full paper submission

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Contact: simposio.uniservitate2021@ucp.pt

Event organized by CLAYSS and Universidade Católica Portuguesa, in collaboration with International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU)

In support of the Global Compact on Education.


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