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Alejandra Batista 25/03/2021

UNISERVITATE announces its II Global Symposium

October 28th and 29th, 2021

In its new edition, the meeting aims to be a space to share experiences, reflect and research on the spiritual dimension of service-learning and its contribution to the identity and mission of Higher Education Institutions.

It is open to authorities, teachers and students from Higher Education Institutions of various cultural contexts interested in university social commitment and service-learning, and will feature the participation of leading worldwide  specialists.

Organized with the Portuguese Catholic University and the support of the IFCU (International Federation of Catholic Universities), the Symposium will include plenary sessions and participatory spaces for the presentation of papers.

For further information: simposio.uniservitate2021@ucp.pt

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UNISERVITATE is a global and networked programme that is established through a process of permanent development and the integration of new actors and institutions from a series of regional hubs strategically distributed around the world.