23/10/2020 EN, ES, FR, IT, PT

Global Compact on Education – Instrumentum Laboris

Presented by: UNISERVITATE

The Instrumentum Laboris is the basic document that guides the work of the Global Compact on Education, clarifying the project, the context, the vision and the mission.


Congregation for Catholic Education (2020). Global Compact on Education. Instrumentum Laboris. https://www.educationglobalcompact.org/resources/Risorse/instrumentum-laboris-en.pdf


Instrumentum Laboris es el documento básico que guía la labor del Pacto Educativo Global, clarificando el proyecto, el contexto, la visión y la misión.

Congregación para la Educación Católica (2020). Pacto Educativo Global. Instrumentum Laboris. https://www.educationglobalcompact.org/resources/Risorse/instrumentum-laboris-sp.pdf









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