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Mónica Sosa 09/10/2020

Pope Francis relaunches the Global Compact on Education

On Thursday, 15th October, the adhesion to the agreement will be signed at an online event from Rome, where a message from His Holiness will be broadcast.

Last May was the date of the Global Compact on Education, but the Covid-19
eventuality forced all global events to be postponed. In a statement, the
Congregation for Catholic Education announced that this initiative of the Global
Compact will be signed on 15th October at 2.30 pm, Rome time (UTC +2).

Due to a pressing need of a cultural and educational change that promotes
universal solidarity towards a new humanism, the Holy Father urges us to join
forces and invites us to seek solutions together to undertake processes of
change that enable us to look to the future with hope.

The signing of this Compact, which seeks to call for an educational alliance “to
form mature individuals capable of living in society and for society”, calls not
only school and academic institutions, but also religious leaders, international
organizations of the economic, political and cultural world to revive their
commitment to education, service-learning and the care for our “common

The event is free of access, and will be broadcast live – with simultaneous
translation into English, Spanish and Portuguese – through Vatican News
YouTube channel

More information: Press release
Message from Pope Francis: https://youtu.be/TqXOJNkEswQ [in Italian]

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