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Alejandra Batista 20/08/2020


August 24th

I Global Symposium UNISERVITATE

Within the framework of the 17th International Week of Service-learning and the 23rd International Conference on the subject, the official launch of the UNISERVITATE Programme took place on Monday 24 August. The meeting, which was held virtually, marked the beginning of a journey of formation and collective, intercultural and networked work aimed at promoting the processes of institutionalization of service-learning in Catholic Institutions of Higher Education around the world.

The event allowed people and teams that are collaborating synergistically in the Programme -members of Porticus, the Academic Sounding Board, the Spirituality and Research Team, representatives of each regional hub and the collaborators of CLAYSS- to exchange on the multiple challenges of formation, research and action.

An ever-expanding
global network

UNISERVITATE is a global and networked programme that is established through a process of permanent development and the integration of new actors and institutions from a series of regional hubs strategically distributed around the world.